Aalborg University (2009-12)

Group project supervision


University of Strathclyde (2001-09)

Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management

Introduction to CAD
2nd year product design engineering (ProEngineer)

Product Development
3rd year product design engineering, group projects from brief to business plan

Systems Integration
PG, hardware/software integration in product design, development & manufacturing

Project supervision
4th & 5th years, yearlong individual projects


Media and Communication 1a/1b
1st year, first media/computing, modelling and presentation (formZ, Photoshop, PowerPoint);
drawing and physical modelling

Media and Communication 2
2nd year, digital and non-digital media (incl. Photoshop, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD)

Generative Design Systems
4th year & postgraduate, design computing theory

Building Information Modelling
4th year & postgraduate, building information modelling (ArchiCAD)

Designing (in) Virtual Worlds
4th year & postgraduate, online virtual worlds (Second Life, blogs, wikis)
University pilot project 2007-08

Design studios
- 1st year (2001-02)
- Postgraduate Architectural Computing Studies programme

- UG & PG dissertations and projects
- Research: supervised 2 PhD, 1 MSc, 1 BSc, 2 MEng

University of Sydney (1998-2001)


Design Communications B
1st year, first CAD course, modelling and presentation, ArchiCAD

Design Communications C
2nd year, second CAD course, advanced modelling, documentation, AutoCAD

Generating Designs Using Computers
theory of computer generated design methods and systems

Design Studio 1A /Design Studies 1A
1st year undergraduate design studios (BDesignComputing & BDesign(Arch))


Introduction to AutoCAD
online-distance learning

Designing With CAD
advanced CAD class, with design project

Design Data Management
database management systems in design

- 5th year dissertations (UG)
- Research: supervised one PhD student

University of Southern California (1988)


Introduction to Computer Graphics
Department of Computer Science, computer graphics theory and programming